About Zirconnet

Zirconnet Dental Laboratory has been building successful long-term partnerships with dentists since 2013 after uniting the whole staff under one roofproviding professional and systematic services. ​Zirconnet, the only AG LIVE LAB in the middle-east. In our trading area, we belong to the leading laboratories in size and quality. Our lab consists of at least 15 representative work.

  • Scanners
  • Sintering Machines
  • Milling Machines
  • 3D Printers
  • Softwares
Seeking Digital Excellence in dentistry since 2009

Technologies & Equipments


  • AG Scanners
    Map 100, Map 200, Map 300, Map 400, Map 600, Map 600+
  • 3 Shape Scanners
  • E1

Sintering Furnaces

  • Ceramill Therm 2
  • Ceramill Therm 3
  • Vita Zyrcomat 6000 MS

Milling Machines

  • Motion 1
  • Motion 2 (4 Units)
  • Micro (2 Units)
  • Matik (coming soon)

Sami Samaha

Mr. Sami Samaha started his career in 1993, after graduating from Antonine University.

Marwan Khoury

Mr. Marwan Khoury's career began in 1992, after graduating from the Antonine University

Alain Sakr

Mr. Alain Sakr, former president of the opdl (2013-2016) is one of the most regarded figures .